Listed below are the appliances that our Custom Design Lab offers. Please explore our many options. If you don't see what you're looking for or would like it customized; please contact us either via phone call, the "chat with us" option below or email.


We offer many designs such as:

  • Hawleys 

  • Wraparounds 

  • Springs 

  • Mods 

  • Adaptors


We offer a wide range of metals appliances. Included are:

  • RPE 

  • Banded RPE 

  • Nance Button

  • Haas

  • Blue Grass Appliance

  • EZ Bond with Tray

  • Quad Helix

  • Bi Helix

  • Bonded Lingual Arch

  • Banded Lingual Arch

  • W-Arch

  • Palatal Bar

  • MCLR

  • Band & Loop Space Maintainer


We've made our aligner process simple with a:

  • Three step system

  •  Five step system

  •  Custom aligner system. 


Our functionals include:

  • Schwarz

  • Sagittal

  • 3-Way Sagittal

  • Nord

  • Bionator

  • Orthopedic Corrector

  • LSU

  • Frankel I, II, III, IV, V

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